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Glass Thickness: ⅜ (10 mm)

⅜ (10 mm)

10mm clear glass is the smallest thickness and most common choice for fixed panels and frameless showers. It’s more budget-friendly than 12mm glass. Most hardware parts are only available with 10mm glass.

½ (12 mm)

Premium 12mm clear glass provides the highest structural integrity and durability. 12mm glass is most commonly used in commercial storefronts and railings, looks more impressive and has a more substantial feel. Most hardware parts are only available with 10mm glass.

Hardware Finish: Chrome

Matte Black

All hardware parts will be delivered with a Matte Black finish.


All hardware parts will be delivered with a Chrome finish.

Brushed Nickel

All hardware parts will be delivered with a Brushed Nickel finish.

Glass Type: Grey Glass

Glass Type: Grey Glass

Acid-etched glass refers to annealed glass that has been treated with hydrofluoric acid to give its surface a frosted look. Entire sheets of glass can be acid-etched or small sections can be treated to add specific designs.

Bronze glass can be used anywhere you want to bring a high-style look to your home. Our bronze glass is a coppery-tinted glass with a little bit of glare reflectance. This uniquely-tinted glass is suitable for use anywhere standard glass is used.

Grey Glass or smoked glass in lay terms; is a tinted soda lime glass that is primarily used to restrict or reduce light transmission (transfer) as well as for decorative applications. Generally used for windows, grey glass can be used to prevent fading of furnishings, carpeting, clothing, artwork, etc. It is also used to add a level of privacy. Grey glass is suitable for commercial and home use

Hardware Style (Door) : 90 Glass to Wall Round Hinges

90 Glass to Wall Square Hinges

This 90º self-closing Switzerland series hinge is designed to install a glass door to an adjacent wall. Switzerland’s square style gives showers a clean, modern look.

90 Glass to Wall Round Hinges

This 90º self-closing Germany series hinge is designed to install a glass door to an adjacent wall. Germany hinges have radius corners and beveled edges for a sleek appearance.

Hardware Style (Fixed Panel) :
Square Glass-to-Wall Clamp With Pin For Glass Hole

Square Glass-to-Wall Clamp With Pin For Glass Hole

Square glass-to-wall clamp with pin for glass hole. Secures fixed panels of glass for frameless shower enclosures.

Handle Type :
Square Tubular Pull Handles for Back to Back Mounting

Square Tubular Pull Handles for Back to Back Mounting


Installation Kit:
Basic Installation Kit

Basic Installation Kit

The Basic Installation Kit is included for free with any shower orders.
Basic Installation Kit includes:
– Translucent Vinyl Edge T Wipe
– Door Sweep with Double Soft Fins and Drip Rail

Premium Shower Enclosures

Find out why we are the Leading Custom Shower Brand in Canada

Enhance Your Bathroom with a Modern touch

Our Premium Shower Enclosure has improved hundreds of Bathrooms into secure, chic, architecturally designed areas. We include with every purchase ; Installation Kit, DIY installation guides, videos and online/phone support to help you get a flawless end product at half the cost.

Premium Glass & Hardware

Our high quality stainless steel shower hardware is rust resistant and will keep its original finish for years to come. We offer an industry leading warranty on all our hardware products. All of our custom shower glass is proudly manufactured in Canada.

Reversible Installation

Reversible for a right or left wall installation

Shower Base Option

This shower enclosure can be mounted on a shower base as well as directly on the floor.

Door Swing

180° Door Swing (Inswing & Outswing)

Out of Square Adjustment

Custom Cut Glass For out of Square Walls.

Experience True Quality


316 Stainless Steel Rigid Built-in Pin

Up To 3/8″ (10mm) Total Adjustment

Premium 316 Stainless Steel Hardware

Lifetime Protective Coating Finish

Mounting Screws And Clear Gaskets Included

Pure Fit System, min gap 1/32″ (1mm)

True Frameless Finish. Translucent & Invisible Appearance

Pre-Applied Clear Very Hi-Bond Tape

Easy to Install

Prevent Water Infiltration

Allow 180° Door Swing (Inswing & Outswing)

Sturdy 3/8″ or 1/2″ Tempered Glass

Thermal Treated Tempered Glass for Increased Strength

Safety Glass Approved. Surface Compressive Stress Exceed (15,000 psi)

Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

Premium Polishing & Workmanship

Grade 5 Spring Loaded Hinge Life Cycle

180° Swing. 30° Self Centering Pin

Matching #12 Stainless Steel Screws

Clean, Modern & Elegant Look

3/16” (5mm) Thick Cover Plate

Premium Lock-tight Pin Pressure Screws.

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