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 Modern Lux Cabinetry

We offer a wide range of kitchen renovation Toronto (GTA) depending on your budget and the scope of your kitchen project. We offer a wide range of services from resurfacing kitchen cabinetry to the replacement of the countertops. We will provide you with the transformation which will be more efficient and useful in your daily lifestyle.

Kitchen Renovation

We offer a huge variety of Kitchen Renovation ideas and plans according to your taste and your budget. Whether you are planning the complete Kitchen Renovation Toronto or want to resurface your countertops, no job is big or small for us and we can do it for you. Our team of kitchen contractors can modify the entire footprint of your kitchen to give it a whole new look.

Things That Needs Consideration

Before you start your kitchen renovation Toronto you need to think, plan, and design the way you want it to be. The placement of the workstations should be in the proper place to have the correct flow of the work. Correct placement will allow your cabinets and other appliances to open easily and accessible to use. You need to consider the size of your family and the number of persons which are going to use it after the transformation. Every appliance that you use in your daily routine in the kitchen should have a dedicated place. While designing and planning the layout of the kitchen we make sure to keep aesthetics of the kitchen in mind.

Factors to Consider

In your Kitchen Renovation GTA if you are planning to resurface the countertops or your kitchen cabinets the very first thing that you need to consider is, which material will be the best as per your daily usage and the interior of your kitchen. Full kitchen renovation will provide you the opportunity to design and plan it not only to your taste but as well as the way your kitchen is used on daily basis. While designing the layout of your kitchen you can plan the placement of kitchen equipment and appliances.

Our contractors of Kitchen Renovation Toronto will help to make your kitchen design efficient. The placement of the kitchen equipment should be easy to access, should be more livable and better than before to entertain your friends and family members. During the design and planning phase, we can assist you how to make the structure user-friendly and what would be the maximum number of people that you can entertain. You need to keep in mind the overall kitchen aesthetics that you want in the renovation process.

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Lighting is an important factor which you must not forget. Lighting can change the overall look of your kitchen. We can suggest what would be the best lighting spots to choose and how you can enhance the changes which are going to take place in the process of Kitchen Renovation. Right placement of lighting is essential for the cooking process. Lighting has a direct effect on the psyche of the people and their feelings. The right lighting can help to transform your kitchen into a more inviting and comfortable space.

You Need Professional Support!

Kitchen Renovation GTA requires the work of expert and skilled professionals. We have been delivering our services in the industries for several years. While working on any project they provide attention to even the tiniest details. Having the right professionals by your side is extremely important when you are doing your kitchen renovation. The work that we provide is well thought and planned, we deliver and built it with attention to detail, and ensure that everything is installed properly. You can be confident and can have peace of mind when you are working with reputable and experienced kitchen contractors. Our skilled workforce has made and maintained the position of our company in the industry.

Every project that we work on we make sure to complete it on time and as per the demand and needs of the client. Our team is determined to hand over the finished kitchen at the right time. When you hire our team for your kitchen transformation you can be sure that the project in the right hands and you can have peace of mind. When you hire our services, we will manage the services of other contractors for you. We hire experienced and skilled subcontractors to make sure even the tiniest detail is done right. The satisfaction of our client is our main priority, so we ensure that everything is done right from the initial stages of the renovation project.

Our Process of Kitchen Renovation Totonto (GTA)

Our process of kitchen renovation Toronto (GTA) varies from project to project. The very first step in our process is to assess the area and layout which needs to be renovated. We discuss the design and planning with the client what he wants and in what budget he is expecting to complete the renovation. In cases where the client is short of budget, we provide our suggestions on what should be the priorities and what could be omitted to meet the budget. We provide a detailed quotation of the work to be done in the project. After providing a valid contract with all the details of the work to be done in the project and on the approval of it we initiate our work.

Our Process

The process of Kitchen Renovation GTA can vary from project to project. Our process begins with the inspection of the space which you want to transform. We will suggest the best design options after listening to the transformation you want in your kitchen. We will discuss the material that you want in your kitchen renovation. We will suggest the best and affordable material. We will keep you updated regarding every single progress of your renovation project. You will have a stress-free experience when you hire us for your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Lighting

While working with our client on the kitchen renovation project we emphasize the importance of kitchen lighting and how it can change the whole look of the kitchen. One or two lights in the kitchen are not enough. Not many people know but lighting plays an important role in the psyche of people and how they feel. As per the layout of the kitchen, we will suggest where the proper positioning and placement of the kitchen lighting.

Hiring The Kitchen Contractor

Kitchen renovation requires a specific kind of detailed work. Selecting the right material to the right color has its significance in the right selection and overall, the successful completion of the project. There are several things to keep a track of when your kitchen renovation Toronto (GTA) project is going on. Keeping the follow-up of every detail might not be easy for you having an expert by your side will ensure that your project is being taken care of. Even if you miss minor details it can end up into expensive mistakes. Having a professional contractor by your side can avoid these problems.

Having the experience working on several different projects they know how to handle and sort out problems and issues that arise ongoing kitchen renovation project. Our kitchen contractors are highly motivated, and, on every project, they deliver excellent results which meet our client’s expectations. We have workmanship of excellent electrician, plumber, and other workers which makes us a good team to achieve targets. We ensure to keep our client updated regarding the progress of the project. With our skill and expertise, we have always been able to complete our projects on time and under budget.


One of the most important factors in the kitchen renovation process is setting the right budget. You cannot just assume a random figure as your budget, proper research is needed to make the budget that covers the needs and wants that you are looking for in the kitchen renovation. While researching for the ideas you should check the price tags of the changes that you want in your kitchen based on those prices you can create and get a realistic budget. If you think you are having problems with your kitchen renovation budgeting, then we can help. We can provide you with the quotation of the changes that you want to do in your kitchen renovation and can get a budget based on those quotations.

Optimizing The Storage

When you are selecting the cabinetry for your new kitchen it is important that you keep in mind the storage needs of your family. Having not enough storage is a problem that is faced by several homeowners. We can help you to optimize the storage in your new kitchen by selecting the right kitchen cabinetry.

So, finally, if you have made the decision of Kitchen Renovation Toronto and created a budget for it then it is time that you should have a professional kitchen renovation contractor by your side. With our help, we will make the whole process easy for you. We use high-quality material in all our projects. Our team has years of experience and expertise to do the job right from the initial stages of the project. We will keep you informed regarding the progress. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with us. We will complete the project on time, we know that kitchen is one of the important parts of your home, so we will complete the job in the estimated time. For further information, you can give us a call and we will be happy to provide you, our services.

High Quality
Materials & Construction

1 - Face Frames

3/4” Solid birch wood

2 - Doors and Drawer Front

3/4” Solid birch – Stained
3/4” HDF – Painted
Soft close hinges

3 - Center Insert

Painted MDF or MDF with
stained birch wood veneer 

4 - Toe Kick

5/8” AA grade plywood
Natural finish wood veneer

5 - Back Panel

5/8” AA grade plywood
Natural finish wood veneer both sides
Full height

6 - Drawers

5/8” Finger jointed solid birch wood
Dovetail construction
Soft close glides

7 - Adjustable Shelf

3/4” AA grade plywood
Natural finish wood veneer all sides
Metal Clips

8 - Universal Cabinet Box

5/8” AA grade plywood
Natural finish wood veneer both sides

9 - Sliding Dovetail Assembly

Side panel to face frame connection 

Our Final Note

If you are planning to give a new life to your kitchen by renovating it then give us a call right now and our team of professionals will guide you through how to proceed with the process. We will walk with you through the kitchen and with your help and the ideas that you might have we will visualize it to you how it can be transformed during the renovation process. Do not wait for an exceptionally long time without wasting time give us a call right now and we will help you through your kitchen renovation project with the expertise and the experience that we have.

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